Online Gaming Sector – A Great Opportunity for Investment

It has been more than 20 years since the first online casino opened its doors. Since then, the global online gambling market has grown to more than $51.9 billion and is expected to continue to grow for years to come, providing informed investors with a multitude of promising sectors to invest in. However, despite being one of the most rapidly growing industry of the last decade, the industry is still struggling to attract outside investors, discouraged by the complexity of regulations that influence and shape the industry or rebuffed by the idea of being associated with the world of gambling that still bears a controversial reputation.

That being said, the online casino gambling industry is doing very well, even though it does not yet attract widespread investors’ interest. Today several hundred online casinos are competing with welcome bonus offers and various promotions, well-known to anyone interested in the industry, designed to attract the hundreds of thousands of players who visit the world’s online casinos daily. has gone to the trouble of publishing a great bonus and promotions guide, detailing the welcome offers and other incentives of the many casinos online today, perfect for anyone who wants to understand how online casinos attract new players, the benefits for gamblers and how gambling websites compete with each other.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of this sector, conducive to new investment? What future for online gambling in the world? How to overcome the reprehensible character of online gaming? These are the fundamental questions to which we will try to bring the beginning of an answer, here.

The Most Significant Growth Factors of Online Gambling

One of the major concerns for new and experienced players is to know if their bank transactions are secure and if of the games and platforms they play on are fair and reliable. To address the concerns of players, the establishment of rules and laws to regulate online gambling was necessary. The framing of online games by an ever more precise and clear regulation is one of the most critical factors in the industry’s growth. Despite the complexity and restrictive nature of online gambling legislation, the benefits to operators, players and investors far outweigh the constraints they entail. Firstly, the legislation provides clear rules on how online casinos operate concerning taxation, legal requirements and quality standards which is important for players and investors. Then, they are the guarantor of legal and safe online betting platforms, allowing hesitant players to get acquainted with them and play online casinos with confidence.


The integration of new technologies and the impact that mobile devices have had on society has also had a significant influence on the online gambling industry where 50 to 70% of revenues generated by operators come from players playing on smartphone or tablets today. The ease of access to the betting platforms offered by the integration of mobile technologies allows players today to place sports bets while they attend various sports events hosted by online bookies and increased engagement of fans behind their team and changes the relationship of supporters to their favourite sports.

Finally, and more recently, technological advances in the field of audio-visual and video game development have brought new life to online casinos in recent years, enabling them to provide increasingly innovative services and products. Immersive games such as Live Dealer casino games, VR casinos, new gambling games and new categories of sports betting such as e-sports or daily fantasy sports are steadily increasing in popularity.

Investment Opportunities Offered by New Forms of Online Gambling

As we said earlier, the development of new technologies in the audio-visual sector and the development of video games and their integration with online betting platforms bring new investment opportunities. The opening of the American market on sports betting made possible by the recent decision of the US Supreme Court to make the practice legal on the whole territory, should influence the development of niches so far only sparsely exploited if exploited at all.

  • E-Sports Betting:
    More and more international video game developers are creating competitive games. These games, in which teams made of professional gamers compete, are experiencing a boom in competitions and other events that reward winners with increasingly prestigious titles and prizes. With nearly 300 million people following e-sport competitions today, it’s easy to imagine how a significant portion of these fans are inclined to support their favourite teams or players by betting on them. The best way to invest in this area is to identify the sports betting platforms that will develop e-sports first or to focus on the specialised affiliates that will capture and redirect the interest of most potential punters.
  • Daily Fantasy Sports:
    Widespread phenomenon in the United States, more than in Europe for the moment, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) were born to overcome the ban on sports betting in the US. DFS is a form of virtual sports betting in which players form teams of real life players and accumulate points according to the actual performance of the players throughout the sports season of the respective discipline. The NBA and the NFL are the most widely held DFSs. With the lifting of the sports betting ban, it is likely that the DFS will be included in most of the sports bookies online. The most interesting aspect for investors would be to identify the sports bookies that would succeed in exporting the concept to the most popular sports in Europe such as football (soccer) or to focus on specialized affiliates that will generate traffic to these new online betting platforms.
  • Live Dealer Casino Games Studios:
    It is reasonable to believe that the legalisation of online casino games throughout the entire US territory will follow that of sports betting. Taking this into consideration, the growth of live casino games in Europe is likely to be repeated in the US market. The streaming studios that provide the live casino games will need to expand their infrastructure and engage more employees to meet the demand of tens of millions of new players that an opening of the American online casino market would give access to. American legislation in the field of online casino games and live casino gaming studios are to be monitored to take advantage of the potential opportunity of the opening of the American online gambling sector.

The United States is Slowly Opening up to Online Gambling

The United States is slowly opening up to online gambling, which is an excellent opportunity for investors to enjoy a boom in the global gambling industry. Our best advice is to monitor the evolution of the American Legislations and follow the leader of the European online game because they are the ones who will know the greatest growths.

Overcoming Gambling’s Bad Reputation

To conclude this article, we want to point out to our readers that gambling holds a bad reputation for good reasons. Indeed, the prospect of potential earnings pushes some players to adopt irrational game behaviours, causing them to fall into the spiral of pathological compulsive gambling, losing everything in the process. It’s a fact, and for that, gambling will always give off this dangerous aura, having the potential to turn a few fortunate players rich and ruin all the others. So how to overcome this bad reputation and attract investors? After all, gambling has a lot in common with the stock market, but brokers do not carry the same status. The answer is in transparency, information and assistance to problematic gamblers. The more the casino industry is going to grow, the more critical it will be to inform new players about the dangers of gambling, and the more important it will be to bring solutions to compulsive gamblers. The online gaming houses that will work in this direction will be the industry leaders of tomorrow.